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Dental Implant Dentist in Fort Lee

Having one or multiple missing teeth can be difficult for both the long and short term. Not only may you be feeling like you’re unable to eat some of your favorite foods, but you’re also self-conscious about your smile around family, friends, and strangers. Thankfully, with the help of an advanced dental procedure and the years of experience of Lori Nasif DMD, we’re able to provide you with dental implants. This service is one of the most popular methods of replacing missing teeth so you can get back the smile you’ve been missing.

There are countless advantages to dental implants, including their natural appearance to look just like your surrounding teeth, the strength that they provide, and the stability of this procedure if the implants are properly taken care of. Lori M. Nasif, DMD provides a free dental implant consultation for her patients to find out if you’re a good candidate for this advanced service.

When planning for your procedure, Lori M. Nasif, DMD will walk you through the treatment plan in detail so you can fully understand each step and why it’s so important to the process. One of the important steps to finding out if you’re a positive candidate for this procedure is to ensure that you have an ample amount of bone tissue for the support of the dental implant(s). The longer you wait to have a dental implant placed, the area where your natural tooth previously was will begin to weaken without the helpful structure of the root of a tooth. If you’ve lost bone tissue in this area, Lori M. Nasif, DMD will discuss the possibility of a bone graft, where we’re able to restore this space to properly support the titanium support of your dental implant.

What is a Bone Graft?
Patients who want dental implants could run into an issue where too much bone mass is lost in that area of the jaw, causing the inability of dental implant support. Without this support, your jawbone may not be able to properly fuse to the created posts, or not fuse to the posts at all! This chance of instability can cause implant failure.

Thankfully, Lori M. Nasif, DMD provides bone grafting, which is a surgical procedure where we take bone mass from an area of your body or a potential donor, transplanting it to the weak areas of your jaw to provide the best support for the post. With the help of this procedure, Lori M. Nasif, DMD is able to give your new, rejuvenated smile the steady support you’re looking for and properly place the implant.

Types of Bone Grafts

There are different types of bone grafts that may be used for this procedure, all of which you can discuss further with Lori M. Nasif, DMD:

  • Autograft: Using the bone mass from another area of your body, like your hip or tibia. This beneficial graft uses your own bone mass, so there is no risk of rejection in the area or disease transmission. There is an additional surgical site needed due to the replacement of the bone mass.
  • Allograft: Using the bone mass from another person, typically taken from a tissue bank. Before the bone mass is utilized in surgery, the tissue is screened to ensure its safety and reduce the risk of complications when being placed. With this option, there is no additional surgery necessary.
  • Xenogaft: Using bone material harvested from a non-animal source, most commonly a cow. It’s processed at high temperatures to ensure its safety and is often used when larger amounts of bone mass are needed. With this option, there is no additional surgery necessary, like the allograft.


How Bone Grafting is Done
If bone grafting is necessary, it’s completed under a local anesthetic and sedation. To start, Lori M. Nasif, DMD will create small incisions in your gums to expose the weak areas of bone and place the bone mass that was autografted, allografted, or xenografted, into the jaw. Before the area is properly cleaned and closed, a specialized membrane is placed over the graft. This helps to separate the bone from the soft tissues, allowing your jawbone to grow back without being disturbed in the process. Once you’ve fully healed from this procedure, we can begin working on your dental implants!

After your consultation is complete, Lori M. Nasif, DMD will assist you in scheduling the best day for your surgery. Because everyone’s smile is different, your recovery time may vary, but please feel free to ask us any and all questions that you have. We strive to provide you with the proper knowledge and understanding when it comes to such an advanced service like this.

With dental implants, you can eliminate the idea of dentures completely! This can become uncomfortable and tedious for wearers, so going straight to dental implants could be the best, safest, and most beneficial option in the long run.

After you’ve healed and your smile is completely restored, you’ll feel like a completely new person with confidence and happiness you may not have thought was possible again! With Lori M. Nasif, DMD’s help, our dental implants can help improve not only your oral health but your quality of health. Call your implant dentist in Fort Lee at (201) 224-6430 and schedule your free dental implant consultation today.