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Meet Our Friendly Team at Our Dental Office in Fort Lee NJ

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into our Fort Lee dental office is the incredibly friendly and inviting atmosphere. Members of our staff have been hand-picked to provide you the best possible experience during your visit to the dentist. Learn more about our team below.

Karen, Office Manager

Karen has been with our outstanding dental practice for 40 years. She is an extremely valued employee and an integral part of what makes our dental office so special. Service is something you can come to expect at our office and from Karen, who will always greet you with a smile when you walk through the door.

Karen will make appointments for patients to accommodate their hectic lives and follows up with each patient routinely for check-up appointments. She completes and processes ALL insurance claims. She alleviates the aggravation of dealing with insurance companies leaving patients without worry or confusion about their dental insurance claims. If patients have any questions about their insurance coverage, Karen is available to assist them.

Karen has been an active participant in her Lutheran church Christ St. John, W.N.Y for over 40 years and is a Eucharistic minister as well. In addition to serving her dental family and church family, she serves her large extended family and is considered the favorite Aunt among all.

Annette, Office Manager

Annette is a welcome addition to our dental practice bringing years of experience with her. She loves serving her patients by helping assist with scheduling appointments, checking insurance benefits and coverage, working out treatment plans and financial terms for patients to help them receive the care they need using CARECREDIT payment plans.

She makes follow up calls to check on each patient that comes to our office. She is the newest member of our dental family and you will feel welcomed by her warm and caring personality. She is thorough, efficient, and helpful. When she is not serving her dental family of patients, she is traveling and loves cooking.

Lucy, Dental Assistant

Lucy is a trusted dental assistant with over 20 years experience in the dental field. She is warm, kind, and understands the needs of our patients while they are in the dental office. She can offer a big smile and a warm hand for those who are nervous or apprehensive about entering the dental office. She enjoys walking, the great outdoors, and NYC. She is dedicated to her family and is a wonderful asset to our dental practice.